Welcome to Got Smarts? Sense Making and Real Truths! Our mission is to give people the tools to empower individuals who have significant mobility and communicative differences to have autonomy, independence, and a healthy sense of self. On our website you will find information about courses we are currently offering, links to videos and podcasts, and ways to reach us.

Ongoing Events:

We are currently raising money for an accessible van! To shorten a long story, currently Stephanie has to get out of her wheelchair and transfer to the front seat, then Katerina has to take part of Stephanie’s wheelchair apart so that it will fit in the back of the car. This is not safe nor sustainable so we’re working on raising some money to help offset the costs. You can click here to donate or share!

Stephanie will be presenting at ATIA in January! Stay tuned for more details.

Coming soon (date and time TBD): Questions you’ve always wanted to ask someone with significant differing needs but didn’t because you didn’t want to accidentally be offensive.

In June, we presented at AAC in the Cloud! Here is the presentation:

Stephanie gave a webinar on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 7:00-8:00 PM EDT. Here is the recording: